Everyone is posting about food right now. In the middle of an endless pandemic, it helps to know that we’re all struggling and that we all get through with food: Wings for the Super Bowl, chili or soup for the snowstorm, trying a new takeout place to help local restaurants, learning to cook a new recipe since we’ve all got time on our hands.
I love having discussions about all of it: What we eat and how we eat, and especially the thornier topics — factory farms, ethical eating, veganism, being gluten-free, food deserts, poverty, and food privilege. …

Look, the whole mask debate is stupid.

Masks WORK, but they also DON’T. This is a virus in the air. If you’re wearing a mask, it prevents you from sneezing in someone’s face. They can’t sneeze in yours. That’s a great big reduction in viral load! Hooray!

Masks are one huge step in slowing down the spread of disease.

However, if you get into an elevator with three people who have Covid and you’re wearing a cloth mask, you’re probably going to get sick.

“Everyone I know who got Covid wore a mask!”

Yeah, that’s true. Because masks cut your…

All free. You’re welcome.

So, you’re stuck homeschooling, but don’t know how?
And you can’t afford a ton of new curriculum and workbooks and don’t where to start?
Well, I finally compiled all of my links and resources, and this, reader, is the gold mine you’ve been looking for.
I’ve been a homeschooler for a long time.
Like way, way back, when public schools were still a thing, when children rode busses, people hugged in public, and when parents homeschooled because they wanted to and not because they were afraid all of the teachers would die.
I mean, I was a homeschooler *before FACEBOOK.*
And I know for a…

If you were Oliver Wood, and you had to kick one person off the quidditch team, but not Harry, obviously, because he’s famous and people come to see him play, who would you kick off and who would you replace him with?

What is the worst thing in the newspaper?

Would you rather be a cyclops’ eye or Anubis’ guts? Why?

Would you rather be trapped in a car at the bottom of a lake, with a hammer to get out, or be trapped on an ice floe, in a stagecoach, before cell phones were invented?

What’s your favorite character…

Apparently everyone is going to be homeschooling now, whether they want to or not. And since I’ve been homeschooling since Amazon was the name of a river and a googol was the digit one with a hundred zeros after it, I’ve thought about homeschooling a lot.
And it’s the same thing every time, the second or third thing that people ask about when they find out that I’m homeschooling. They always ask how I do it — how I teach so many subjects, and how I’ll be able to teach chemistry, calculus, French — anything that’s hard.

It’s just such…

Everything you really need to know about the coronavirus

Yes, you really do need to go out and buy toilet paper and two week’s worth of food. But not because we’re all going to die. Not even because we’re all even going to get sick. You should do it because it’s the best thing you can do for the rest of our society.
You are probably going to get the Coronavirus.
In fact, Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch predicts that in the next year, some 40 to 70 percent of people around the world will be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19

Except that everyone loves to talk about being fat

Man, I really wanted to write a long post about how much better and smarter and amazing I am now that I’ve lost 100 pounds. How much thinner I am. Maybe some clever words about my poor boobs, and about my clothes, and then I could post some before-and-afters, and then the congratulations could pour in.
But the truth is so much more complicated. Losing 100 pounds doesn’t make you smarter, more organized, or able to find your car keys. It doesn’t make me a better wife, a better mother, or…

Somehow, through a hideous lack of planning, my husband and I will have teenagers living in our house for 26 years.
In a row.
I inherited a teenager in 2002, and my husband and I will have a teenager at home until June, 2028. Clearly, I have no more insight on parenthood than anyone else who’s gone before me, and don’t have any answers as to how to do it right.

However, there are certain things I wish I’d been warned about, and there are rules I’ve come up with to make sure I’m on the right path. …


Everyone hates it: Teachers hate grading it, parents hate supervising it, kids hate doing it.

It’s been studied for more than 60 years, but research still can’t say whether it works. Some studies say it might work better for fourth and fifth-grade kids. Others say, sure, it’s great for kids with special needs.

This image went viral a while back, with good reason: Homework is bad for families, doesn’t improve test scores or grades, and contributes to inequality in schools for all students. Let’s get rid of it.

But here’s one quote from the research that sums up the heart of the problem with homework:

”Students from low-income households, especially those who are low-performing, may not benefit from homework in the same way as do students from more financially secure households.”

Want to know…

Congress wants to cut food stamps. Despite the plain evidence that kids will go hungry if this happens, there are many people who believe that cutting food stamps makes sense, because poverty is choice, and people need to choose differently.

Poverty is caused by bad choices. Good choices and good decisions and habits can get people back into the middle class.

This is the message of the GOP and of our culture: Poverty is caused by personal habits, choices and character.

The choice you make to study hard and go to college, of course is one of the things they…

Meagan McGovern

I’m a writer, homeschooler and cat-herder extraordinaire. I am passionate about clean food, dirty politics, thoughtful parenting, homeschooling and travel.

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